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Louis Foster

I'm a software engineer, with most of my experience focused on creating web applications. I lean heavily towards the front-end and speak fluent Typescript. I have experience writing server code and designing system architectures.

Componentisation would describe my philosophy and skillset in a single word. For more words, feel free to get in touch or take a look at some of my projects and writings.

I like graphics, AI, the web, human-centered computing and complex systems.

Professional Experience

super.AI - 2018 to 2020 - Germany

Senior Front-end Engineer

First Berlin employee for this early stage AI enablement start up. Created the customer facing web-based data labeling and management dashboard. Worked with data scientists to build labeling and deployment tools using state-of-the-art methods to increase accuracy and reduce time for labels and securely manage user data.
I was involved in hiring and onboarding new employees, making critical architecture decisions and worked directly with contractors and customers. My role extended to developing parts of the back-end infrastructure and setting up various cloud services to support the needs of the front-end.

Airteam - 2014 to 2018 - Australia

Software Engineer

With Airteam, I had the opportunity to apply my training in both product design and computer science to develop engaging products for start ups and large enterprise clients.

Self-employed - 2010 to 2014 - Australia

Web developer & designer

Through family, friends, business contacts and word-of-mouth I supported myself by contracting my web development & design services.


UNSW - 2016 - Australia

Graduate Certificate in Computer Science

Focus on 3D graphics and AI. Furthering my existing knowledge in programming to challenge myself and learn more about the limits of a computer's potential.

TAFE - 2014 - Australia

Diploma of Software Developerment

Focus on web development.

WSU - 2008 to 2011 - Australia

Bachelor of Industrial Design

Focus on design management. Major project involved smart phone AR, for which I received an honourable mention by Layar, the AR platform provider, in their launch competition.


NIME - 2020 - Online

Workshop Leader

New Interfaces for Musical Expression is an international conference inviting participants interested in the development of novel and innovative interfaces for creating music. I demonstrated and provided an online workshop experience for my noisecrypt platform.

Web 3D - 2017 - Australia

Representative for Airteam

International ACM Conference on 3D Web Technology. Included a hackathon event, where my team won the Mobile VR Category.

Linux - 2016 and 2018 - Australia


Linux Conference Australia, speaker's assistant and room attendant.